Zeek Gross

Alto Sax

Zeek is a longtime fixture on the Ottawa music scene, having arrived here in 1987 after stints in Vancouver, Toronto and his hometown Montreal, where he played in the 70’s French Pop sensation band “Boule Noire” and eventually obtained a degree in Music from Concordia University.

After arriving in Ottawa,  Zeek quickly set up residence at the 5:15 Restaurant & Bar where he played with his own Jazz Fusion band, the 5:15 Quintet, every Sunday for approximately the next 5 years! The show was a tremendous success with many of Ottawa’s best young jazz players joining Zeek on stage as both regular band members and special guests,

It was also at the 5:15 that Zeek met Tony D and shortly thereafter began to play with his band. Zeek had played regularly with Tony for over 20 years and continues, up to the present day, to have the occasional show when their busy schedules will allow!

For the past 10 years Zeek has kept himself very busy playing and arranging for a multitude of bands in the Ottawa area in all different styles, including Funk, Pop, Rock, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Folk and even Country amongst others. His love of performing is infectious and so he also teaches students of all ages the joy of playing the Sax!

Zeek has also been featured as a session player on numerous recordings over the years for artists such as Boule Noire, Johnny Reed, The Radio Kings, The Occasional Angels, Mark Nyvlt, Graham Greer, The Power Goats, The Phoenix Big Band and many, many more.